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<see>Apache HTTP Server</see> <see>Apache HTTP 服务器</see>

The Apache HTTP Server is a robust, commercial-grade open source Web server developed by the Apache Software Foundation (<ulink url="http://www.apache. org/">http://www.apache.org/</ulink>). Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes the Apache HTTP Server 2.2 as well as a number of server modules designed to enhance its functionality. Apache HTTP 服务器是一个健壮、商业级的开源 Web 服务器,它是由 Apache 软件基金 (<ulink url="http://www.apache.org/">http://www.apache.org/</ulink>)开发 的。红帽企业版 Linux 包含了 Apache HTTP 服务器版本 2.2 以及一些加强其功能的服 务器模块。

The default configuration file installed with the Apache HTTP Server works without alteration for most situations. This chapter outlines many of the directives found within its configuration file (<filename moreinfo="none">/ etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf</filename>) to aid those who require a custom configuration or need to convert a configuration 
file from the older Apache HTTP Server 1.3 format. 在大多数情况下,Apache HTTP 服务器缺省的配置文件不经修改就可以使用。本章概述 了配置文件(<filename moreinfo="none">/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf< /filename>)里的许多指令,这可以帮助定制配置或是转换老的 Apache HTTP 服务器 1.3 格式的配置文件。

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